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WHo is CST

CST is a company born from the desire of a group of partners to combine the long experience gained in the transport and shipping sector with the advantages of technology, with the aim of renewing international courier services and making them increasingly efficient, simplifying procedures for shipments from abroad and especially from China.


A tailor-made service for commercial activities on the web

The e-commerce market is constantly growing. More and more companies choose to offer services and sell products online. CST is the bridge which, through an efficient and flexible service, connects commercial realities all over the world, to allow all those who manage online activities to carry out shipments in complete tranquility, always keeping both the operator and the of the buyer.


CST is able to offer an innovative and flexible service, specifically designed to meet the needs of both e-commerce operators and recipients of online purchases. CST services are easily accessible thanks to the use of advanced tools that simplify their management.

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Why choose CST

CST has succeeded in simplifying and diversifying the technical and managerial advances offered by traditional couriersspecializing in the field of shipments for e-commerce and especially in shipments from abroad and from China, making available to customers a complete, reliable and advantageous service for all who manage online business.



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